Steven L Rogers

 The Steven L Rogers Foundation's purpose is to coordinate and provide educational  material and programs designed to encourage future leaders of America to become  involved with their local, state, and federal government by voting, supporting public  policies, political office holders, and or by seeking elected office.

 The Foundation provides mentoring, lectures, workshops, and seminars to schools, and other  venues, upon request.  

 We also assist organizations with sponsoring debate teams, GOTV projects, and other  events applicable to our mission.

Become a PARTNER- its FREE.  Public policy commentaries and other publications are available to our partners from the Foundation. Please go to the navigation bar -Partnership-on top of this page and review its contents.  

The Foundation does not endorse or support political candidates. Thank you.

The Steven L Rogers Foundation is a registered corporation in the State of New Jersey. It's non-profit status is pending. 

"Local government is still the purest form of direct democracy in our country and still the most important level of government under which we live. Local government is the foundation of democracy; if it fails, democracy will fail."  Robert Flack.

"America's leaders begin their journey with a dream to serve their nation  anytime, anyplace, and at any age. It is up to them to make that dream come true." 


Steven L Rogers Foundation 

Educating, Mentoring, Preparing America's Future Leaders