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Written for political leaders, by a political leader

-This book reveals how every political leader should conduct him/herself-

A must read for political leaders who are under intense pressure and nowhere to go, or no one to seek guidance from in their hour of need.

This book is for  political leaders who will either learn from its contents, or it contents will scare them to the point that they will throw it in the trash.

I am convinced that many elected officials who governed before us knew something about the importance of biblical wisdom that many elected officials today do not know about or refuse to accept.

My advice to elected officials is to understand that it would serve all of us well to reflect on the words, wisdom, and most importantly the advice of our founding fathers and the great leaders of the Old and New Testament days, when we are Governing The Affairs of the People.

This book does not advocate supporting a specific political platform, philosophy, position, or party affiliation. It's not about politics as usual.  You will read about a few relevant topics not many people in politics talk about and avoid at all costs. Yet, these topics continue to have profound impact on how individual elected officials govern the affairs of the people.

Political leaders will find on the pages of this book, words of wisdom and sound advice about how he/she can prevent themselves from traveling down a very painful and costly road as they pursue their political goals and aspirations. 

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